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Downtown's 5th & Flower Station Officially on the Chopping Block

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Yesterday, Metro released their recommendations for the Westside Subway, but they also released some new recommendations for the Downtown Connector project, the planned subway that would connect existing lines around the downtown neighborhood.As expected, Metro is now recommending axing the proposed station at 5th/Flower, according to the Source. More: "In essence, the problem with the 5th/Flower station was money. The fully underground option — added to appease concerns in Little Tokyo that a surface line would disrupt access to the community — is expected to cost $1.245 billion in 2009 dollars and more than $1.4 billion if completed by 2019, as proposed. Losing the 5th/Flower station lowers the cost of the project by about $100 million and also improve the ‘cost effectiveness’ rating of the project, an important measure the Federal Transit Administration uses to determine funding for projects.

In other words, staff believes that a better cost effectiveness rating may lead to a higher federal contribution to the project — which will rely heavily on federal funding to get built." The Metro Board of Directors is scheduled to make a final decision this route and the Westside subway route on Oct. 28th.
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