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Culver City Boneyard Remains Closed Pending Seepage Investigation

Images via Culver City Dog Park
Late last month, city officials in Culver City noted "seepage" unrelated to any water line coming from the popular Culver City dog park, nicknamed the "Boneyard." Now the park, located at Duquesne Ave, near Jefferson Blvd, remains closed for further investigation. According to the Front Page online, "very low" but harmful concentrations of methane gas have been detected, and officials are now asking the oil company that originally had a well under the dog park to look into the matter. Via the Front Page: "As a result of further investigation, the city on Oct. 5 delivered a letter to Atlantic Oil Co. (the company that plugged an abandoned an oil well in 1972 under the location that is now the Dog Park), asking the company to take all immediate and necessary steps to properly re-plug and re-abandon the oil well and to return the Dog Park to the condition prior to the seepage." Yes, dogs and owners alike would like the well re-abandoned.It's expected the dog park will remain closed for 30-60 days.
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