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Flip this City Council Seat? Real Estate Expert Funding His Own Campaign

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Local businessman and real estate flipper Rudy Martinez, a guy who once appeared on A&E TV show "Flip This House," (Season 4) is looking to oust L.A. Councilman Jose Huizar, whose district include Boyle Heights and Eagle Rock. The LA Times has been covering Martinez's campaign for a while, and today reports on the fundraising efforts of Mr. Martinez, who has has squirreled away $203,000 in his effort to defeat Huizer, much of the money coming from himself. From the web site for "Flip This House," let's find out more about this contender, who probably already has a floor plan of Huizar's office at City Hall: "Rudy and his team at City Housing Development and Piedmont Financial are buying and selling three houses a month, making the area more valuable, and pulling in an average profit of $50,000 per flip. As a street savvy kid, Rudy never dreamed he would achieve this level of success — he started out renovating houses himself and still isn't afraid to get his hands dirty when he has to."
· Businessman donates $150,000 to his campaign to unseat L.A. Councilman Jose Huizar [LAT]