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Hooters Classing Up Abandoned Building Near LA Live?

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Hooters already invaded Hollywood a few years back (and Burbank and Long Beach), and now the chain may be looking to put the shine on South Park. Blogdowntown reports that plans are underway to bring wings and nylons to a former car dealership and current abandoned property across from the Convention Center. A little conflict exists as to how certain you are to be eating fried pickles at this location--a Loopnet listing from Paramount Investment Group advertises 4,350 square feet of space on the building's first floor, and says prospective tenants will be sharing space with a 7,400 square foot Hooters. Hold up, says broker David Separzadeh, telling blogdowntown nothing has been signed yet. Hmmm. Well, the questionable loopnet listing also says renovation on the old three-story dealership has been underway since April 2009 and will finish up this month. A 25,000 square foot nightclub, that may or may not have signed a lease, is allegedly going in on the second and third floors. We should know more about all of this on November 18 when the city considers a Conditional Use permit for the site. While Hooters won't please feminists or vegetarians, this area certainly could use a little life.

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