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What's Coming to Olympic and Normandie? Zev on Expo Line Lawsuit

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Google streets screen grab of site

KOREATOWN: A reader has been dutifully watching the corner of Olympic and Normandie, and wondering what's afoot. First, he said the site, home to a former smog check business, was being ripped up. The latest: "After they cleared the site about 2 weeks ago, large steel columns are now going up on the SE corner of Olympic and Normandie in K-town. Any idea what's going up there?" A condotel, perhaps? [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: An update on the homeowners' lawsuit over the Expo II, the line which will go from Culver City to Santa Monica. Speaking at a Los Angeles Current Affairs luncheon, held today at the Wilshire Grand Hotel, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky said the city and Neighbors for Smart Rail (NFSR), the group that filed the suit, will face off in court in early December. Even if the city wins, Yaroslavsky expects an appeal will be filed, but if that's the case, the Expo Authority won't wait till the case wraps to start work. "We won't wait for the appellate court to act," he says. Yaroslavsky also didn't sugercoat his feelings for those homeowners fighting the project: "They say they want the rail underground now, but really, they don't want the rail at all." And the transit battles wage on. [Curbed Staff]