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A Look Inside the Houses of Julius Shulman's Long Career, Part 2

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Here's part two of the MAK Center tour through Julius Shulman's career. Part one, featuring Mastro, Neutra, and Soriano, is here. Today we have houses from Rudolph Schindler and Pierre Koenig, plus more Neutra, and because Shulman already did it better, we're only showing off the parts his photos might not have.

Gold House, Rudolph Schindler, 1945: The Gold House in Studio City was originally designed with two wings set at a 45 degree angle from one another--to the left of the entrance the single-story living areas, and to the right the two-story bedroom areas. A renovation in the nineties clumsily enclosed a former patio and extended the kitchen. At the Gold we overheard a juicy (and totally unconfirmed) rumor that Schindler had been trysting with a neighbor during construction and brought materials from the site over to her house to build her a new room.

Gantert House, Pierre Koenig, 1981: Koenig called the Hollywood Dell's Gantert his "most difficult project," but he managed to fit 2,880 square feet on a 300 square foot footprint (via major cantilever). Koenig oversaw the beginning of a renovation in the early aughts that shrunk the lower level patio and expanded the bedrooms, but he died before it was completed.

Lovell "Health" House, Richard Neutra, 1928-29: This was the oldest house on Sunday's tour, and "the first American residence made entirely of pre-fabricated steel frame construction elements," according to the MAK. The house gets its "health" designation from its "Outdoor exercise areas, screened porches for eating and sleeping, balconies for massage and nude sunbathing, and a tall revolving cooler in the kitchen for vegetarian food." Across the yard from the house is the former site of a progressive kindergarten run by Rudolph's wife Pauline Schindler and Lea Lovell. The current owners have lived here since 1960, and the pool we were told has been empty for decades.
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