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Why is Jack Nicholson at the Corner of Coldwater and Mulholland?

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The last time utility boxes were papered up with art was the great White Shark campaign/Jessica Alba tear meant to bring attention to illegal shark fin hunting. Now a reader sends in the above photo and writes: "Hey Curbed, who is responsible for these Jack Nicholson posters that have sprung up around LA this summer? The one pictured here was at the corner of Coldwater and Mulholland last month." It's the work of a street artist named Alec, the same guy who does the Monopoly images. Here's an interview with him in the Dirt Floor from April: "Tell me the significance of your Jack Nicholson Posters and your ?choice of him as a subject?

I try to make my art work as approachable as possible.?Using recognizable popular images helps people in the streets?connect with the art. Jack is a true icon and a legend here in LA.? His flamboyance and versatility as an actor? make him conducive to using vibrant colors.?I love expressing myself with colors and splatters." Jack=colorful guy.
· Monopoly Man: Interview with Street Artist Alec [Dirt Floor]