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Highland Park-Garvanza HPOZ In Effect, Neighborhood Still on Watch

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Ma's plans called to put a condo building where that house is
Last week, the Highland Park-Garvanza Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ)--wow, that's a mouthful--officially went into effect, making the new zone the largest HPOZ in Los Angeles. Hizzah! A designation means historic homes in the HPOZ are protected from unapproved development. Speaking of unapproved development, how about a check of Avenue 66 and Crescent Street, where developer Alex Ma caused some neighborhood friction earlier this summer with his plans to put up a condo building? Ma wanted to tear down two homes on the site for his project, which let to a stand-off with some locals. So what does the designation mean for Ma's plans? Tina Gulotta-Miller, Co-chair Garvanza Improvement Assoc., gives us an email update. Given the new HPOZ status, "the property owner cannot proceed with the current plans which include demolishing at least one or more of the historic contributors," she writes in an email. "So we are hoping work with him to make historically sensitive decisions that include returning the homes to their former grandeur years ago. And building income units that speak to the architecture of the neighborhood.

We look forward to the possibilities that exist for the property and for the community as a whole. I am thrilled to finally see Garvanza's history, architecture and quality of life given the much needed protection it deserves!" Yup, they're giddy about the HPOZ in HP.
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