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West Hollywood Condos: Large Penthouse, All About Location

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A new Curbed feature looks at sales in a neighborhood over the last month and points out the high and low in terms of what moved. Redfin data is used. First up, the always entertaining WeHo condo market!

HIGH: An 1,818 square foot penthouse (with a questionable-looking kitchen) sold at 1426 North Laurel Avenue. Described as an "Unique & Rare Large Penthouse Condo built as Developer's own unit. Key'd Elevator access to private foyer perfect for those requiring privacy." It was listed at $995,000 in July; sold for $905,000.

LOW: A 433-square foot studio sold at 950 North Kings Rd. Described as being "in the heart of Weho and in one of the most desirable condo complexes." It was listed in August for $247,000; sold for $226,000.
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