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Poet Broker's Wrong Turn in the Desert, Insider Business Advice

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The Los Angeles Times has an excellent piece on the rescue of poet broker Ed Rosenthal. It turns out Rosenthal took a wrong turn in a canyon, so he basically hunkered down in the desert to wait for help (as one is supposed to do in these situations, according to experts). His rescue came when a helicopter saw him waving some "shiny, Mylar-like material." The best part of the story: Rosenthal basically wrote his last will and testament on his hat. "He wrote to his wife and his daughter to say he loved them. He wrote advice to business partners. He wrote instructions on where to donate money in his memory. And he wrote an account of what he believed was his last trek in a lifetime filled with hikes." Of course, let's be petty and examine the business advice. What does Rosenthal know??!! What's KOR unloading next?!! What's the next hot neighborhood!!! Meanwhile, at last night's Streetcar Foundraiser at LA Live, an event attended by many local downtown business persons, there was plenty of Ed talk, many people excited about the broker's rescue. Woots and cheers all around that he had been found.
· Missing hiker found alive after 6 days in Joshua Tree National Park [LAT]