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Overhead Wires To Be Buried Alive in Boyle Heights?

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A lot of people bitch about the blight caused by wires in Los Angeles, but everyone knows how expensive it is to ground the suckers. But a stretch of Cesar Chavez Avenue in Boyle Heights may be less wire-y, as the Community Redevelopment Agency and city councilman Jose Huizar are pushing for a mix of electrical, telephone, and other utility wires to be put underground, reports Eastsider LA. The buried lines would cover a 1.3 mile stretch from Warren Street to Evergreen Avenue (image is of a Boyle Heights alley) and would take two years at a cost of $10 million. The money would come from the CRA, DWP--and a federal grant that no one has yet. The city council approved a motion this week to allow DWP to move forward on engineering work on the project. Other cities are working on getting their cable connections hidden from view.
· Boyle Heights May Get Unwired [Eastsider LA]