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Charlie Chaplin Was Here: Three Rentals With Alleged Pedigree

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Charlie Chaplin is one of the best and biggest memes in Los Angeles real estate. He lived here, he slept here, he did blow with Judy Garland here, whatever. It must work, though, because landlords and brokers keep saying it. Here are three Chaplin properties for rent right now.

Top: Bronson Ave.; Bottom left: Cochran; Bottom right: Hudson Apartments

What: A 1920s townhouse with two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms
Where: 1527 N. Bronson Ave., just above Sunset
Charlie connection: He built it "for his artisans"
Price: $1,995 per month

What: A two bedroom apartment in the 17 unit Cochran Apartments
Where: Cochran and Wilshire
Charlie connection: He lived in the building
Price: $2,175 per month

What: A two bedroom, one bathroom fourth floor unit in the Hudson Hollywood Apartments
Where: 6533 Hollywood Blvd., at Schrader Blvd.
Charlie connection: He "called the Hudson [his] home."
Price: $2,469 per month with a $500 deposit
· $1995 / 2br - Historic Townhome Lots of Charm in Great Location (between Hollywood & Sunset) [Craigslist]
· $2175 / 2br - SPANISH COURTYARD GEM ! / OPEN HOUSE / FREE RENT TILL NOV 1. (Miracle Mile) [Craigslist]
· $2469 / 2br - Top Corner with a View, #400 (Hollywood Central 90028) [Craigslist]