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New Images of Downtown Streetcar Thrill and Delight

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The streetcar zipping by Staples Center
At last night's Downtown Streetcar fundraiser at the "Target Terrace" at LA Live, a film showing the animated cars zipping around downtown was featured. Who doesn't get chills seeing that snake-like train! The video below has more of the mock-ups, and the trains zip by Staples Center and other parts of downtown at about the five minute mark. The downtown streetcar would go through Bunker Hill, Grand Avenue and the Music Center, Historic Broadway and the Historic Core, South Park, L.A. LIVE and the Los Angeles Convention Center. According to a press release from the organizers, last night's event, which drew everyone from developer Rick Caruso to philanthropist Eli Broad, raised about $200,000, funds that are definitely needed.
· Downtown L.A. Streetcar: see what happens when downtown connects! [YouTube]