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Sexy Furniture in Silver Lake, Homer of Shoes, Denim Downtown

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DOWNTOWN: Ever-intrepid Racked somehow made it to the Forever 21 sample sale in all that heat last weekend. They liked the food trucks, vendors, and fun atmosphere, but were aghast at the total lack of bathrooms.

SILVER LAKE: Mohawk General Store is now open in Sunset Junction, selling lots of very gorgeous/expensive clothes and furniture. The clothes are new, the furniture is mostly vintage, with a few replicas thrown in.

HERMOSA BEACH: A shoe company out of Hermosa has designed a shoe by (young, mostly male) committee. The shoes include a guitar pick holder and wings, which reminds Racked "of the episode of the Simpsons where Danny DeVito lets Homer design a car, to some pretty spectacular consequences."

DOWNTOWN: 7 For All Mankind is selling discounted denim all weekend at the Convention Center. Racked has the price list and their tipsters tell them it's mobbed.
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