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Krekorian Questions Valley Village Project, Planning Commission

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His name isn't even on the City Council agendas yet, but Paul Krekorian isn't screwing around now that he's finally the councilmember from District 2. Wednesday, on his first day, he asked for a review of a density bonus given by the Planning Commission to a project in Valley Village. The city has gotten its share of tsuris over SB 1818, which allows developers to add more units in exchange for including affordable units and increases incentives from counties or cities, among other things. The Daily News quotes Krekorian telling the council, "It should be the policy of this City Council that incentives requested pursuant to SB 1818 ... should only be granted where applicants clearly demonstrate that they are necessary."

At immediate stake are 37 units and about 12 and a half feet for a planned 146 unit project on Magnolia Boulevard in Valley Village. Residents seem to really hate this development, which has been given zoning exceptions for height and density, and they've been fighting it for a while. The Planning Commission denied an appeal and approved the exceptions in October. It seems like the developer, Schaffel Development, is over it all anyway. The property is listed on LoopNet, promising a "READY TO BUILD 146 UNIT SITE WITH SURVEY, SOILS REPORT AND APPROVED ARCHITECTURAL & STRUCTURAL BUILDING PLANS!...DENSITY IS BASED ON SB1818!"

And we've just heard that Krekorian has officially been named to the Planning and Land Use Management Committee, as expected, replacing Dennis Zine, which should put him in a very good position to fight SB 1818.
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