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Everybody Into the DeLorean: Sunset and Vine, 1982-1984

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Reader Doug Huse sent in this series of Polaroids of the northwest corner of Sunset and Vine with this note:

Attached is a two year study beginning in 1982; the end of Wallack’s Music City and the transition to a pointy top mini mall long gone. My office was on the 8th floor of the newly completed Sunset Argyle building.  Once I took the first Polaroid, I kept waiting for a big ending to complete the sequence which didn’t happen for another 25 years.  Like so many, my company moved out of Hollywood in ’84. Fortunately, timing was such that I was able to buy a six pack from the newly opened mini mall before making the trip over the hill."
You heard the man. Have a beer, take a click through to the past.

Sunset and Vine, Los Angeles, CA