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Metro Gets Closer to Deciding Subway Stops for Century City, Westwood

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Wilshire or Westwood? Santa Monica Boulevard or Century of the Stars? Metro, in the midst of the environmental impact report for the Wilshire subway extension, will be performing seismic testing for the two most-western stations on the line, reports The Source and the website of LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky. This little truck that looks like a reject from the Transformers set is called a "minivib" and it helps test the ground to see which spots can withstand excavation: "the seismic testing will produce an electronic image of the soil, including rock layers, near-surface faulting and information on bedrock elevations and depths. The process involves placing sensors along the street and then having the minivib press and vibrate a “plate” every two feet to obtain readings of the vibrations." There should be a little bit of nighttime noise when the seismic testing takes place next week. This should all be figured out by the summer, when Metro presents its locally preferred alternative for the route and the six or seven new stations. [Image via Metro]
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