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No Quick Auction for 705 W. Ninth, Architect Needs Stem Cell Donor

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The shiny new ones: 705 W. Ninth Street (arrows, in Chapter 11), Concerto (also in Chapter 11), Hanover's 717 Olympic (innocent and litigious-free)
DOWNTOWN: Woo-hee, it was a big day for downtown developers in a Woodland Hills bankruptcy courthouse. In addition to the continuation of a hearing for the Roosevelt, Meruelo Maddux had a hearing in the same courthouse. Like Roosevelt developer Milbank, Meruelo Maddux wants to auction off units in its Ninth Street building, but today a judge nixed that request, stating Meruelo Maddux instead must submit auction plans as part of a Chapter 11 re-organization proposal for the whole building (a re-organization plan hasn't been submitted for the tower). So an auction could still happen--but the whole process of trying to get it approved will take a bit longer. Meanwhile, lender Century City-based Canyon Capital Realty continues their aggressive attempts to foreclose on the property. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Via the Facebook page of KCRW host Frances Anderton: "Give a swab from your cheek and help save a life? A stem cell donor match is urgently sought, by LA architect Jeff Tohl, and Temple Beth Hillel will hold a match test this Sunday, Jan 10, from 9:00AM -- 2:00PM." More information about Jeff's story and what is needed here. [Facebook]