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Santa Monica All But Declares Victory in Eli Broad Museum Race

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The Santa Monica Daily Press is reporting that it's pretty much a done deal for Eli Broad's planned new art museum and that the Santa Monica City Council will vote next week on the project. Previously, Broad had considered Beverly Hills for the museum, while another third unnamed city was also said to be in the running. Via the SMDP:

"The Santa Monica officials who spoke about the museum talks on Wednesday were clearly pleased it appeared City Hall was close to a deal on the project, but were cautious about declaring victory. "Until everybody is in complete agreement it's still an aspiration," [Councilman Richard] Bloom said. "But when it comes to fruition it's absolutely huge for Santa Monica and for the region." [City Councilman Bob] Holbrook said he's been confident Santa Monica would prevail since he spoke privately with Eli Broad last month and shook hands on the project. The museum would become home to a 2,000-piece contemporary art collection featuring names like Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Andy Warhol." Another clue that Santa Monica may indeed be getting Broad's collection: It sounds like Beverly Hills is still in the dark. Via the paper: "In Beverly Hills, City Hall Spokeswoman Cheryl Burnett said she wasn't aware of any new developments in negotiations with the Broad Foundations, but added, "It's my understanding that we continue to pursue the potential opportunity of the Broad museum here in Beverly Hills."
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