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Hemingway House Sells Over List After Big Pricechop

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We have no idea why this house is called the "Hemingway House" but the owners of this four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath (according to public records, stars of the Hurt Locker) are making a tidy profit. According to the listing, the 1924 gated house in Laurel Canyon has been "meticulously restored" (and staged) and includes a "gentlemen's room/library with full bar" (the Cary Grant book on the bar is a nice touch), a screening room, wine cellar, pool, spa, and 1000 square foot guest quarters. It also has the craziest laundry room we've ever seen. Do they clean all of their clothes simultaneously? There is a two car garage and parking space for nine cars. When the house first went on the market, it was asking $4.995 million, a significant premium over its Nov 2008 sales price of $1.55 million. After two price chops to a final asking of $3.995 million, the house sold this week. Final sales price: $4,004,852.
· 8050 Selma Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046 [Redfin]