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Materials & Applications Calls on Bamboo Experts, Venice Storm Drain Work

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SILVER LAKE: The kids at architecture and art collective Materials & Applications are inviting the public to come help them build their next project. Come to Barnsdall Art Park this weekend around noon, and here's more via the press release. "We will spend both Saturday and Sunday (01/10 & 01/11) developing an installation for the outdoor entryway to the gallery. The goal for our first meeting will be to brainstorm possible designs for the structure and build a prototype. So far our starting parameter is the use of bamboo as a tensioning element. What is left to be decided is the design and medium to connect the bamboo. The overall goal is to design modular units to ultimately grow the structure." More bamboo talk via their web site. [Curbed InBox]

VENICE: If you're been wondering why both Robert Graham's sculpture and the entirety of Windward Circle are both fenced off, as seen here, the short answer, per a press rep for City Councilman Bill Rosendahl's office is..the always-riveting storm drain work. And now we all know. [Curbed Staff]