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West Hollywood Mulls Giant Ads for Beverly Boulevard

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Save for a pending deal, the city of West Hollywood doesn't get a penny for allowing those enormous visual distractions that line the Sunset Strip. But now WeHo, which has long battled enormous advertising, will have to choose between billboards and bucks, as a building owner on Beverly Boulevard (alliteration=fun) is offering the city over $5 million to hang giant ads on his structure for the next two decades. The WeHo News reports that the owners of the mid-century Los Angeles International Design Center building has not only offered the city $20,000 a month for 20 years to hang advertising on the east and west sides of its structure, but has also offered the city a parking lot, money for a crosswalk, and a landscaped area that they own on Rosewood for use as a mini-park. But residents are furious, and the city has a law only allowing giant ads on Sunset. So, it's a no-go, right? Nope, there's a 2001 law that "entitles the city to enter into development agreements with buildings that make a Permitted Sign Payment." What's a city to do? Should be interesting—the planning commission takes up the issue on January 21, and the city council on February 1. [Image via You Are Here]
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