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Another Fickett-Designed Condo Hits The Market

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Not all that long ago, we noticed this condo available for rent (or for sale) designed by mid-century architect Edward Fickett just above the Sunset Strip. The asking price has apparently been chopped since in October it was asking $859,000 and the price has now dipped to $739,000. Today a second unit came on the market in the same building, and this two-bedroom, two-bath is looking pretty sweet too. The unit is three stories, with the master bedroom on the top floor. There is also a glass-enclosed patio on the main floor and a "very large bedroom suite on the bottom floor. The unit also has a private courtyard entrance and it opens out to the pool. The condo has been flipped a few times in the past decade, selling for $549,000 in 2000, jumping up to $1.425 million in 2007, then $1.55 million in 2008. Today's asking price is far less aggressive, at $995,000 or $333 per square foot (almost $200 less than comps). Desperate seller? Listing is here.

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8341 West Sunset #7 Los Angeles, CA 90069