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City to Uncle Sam: Can We Borrow a Few Billion for New Trains?

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Metro has already requested federal funds for engineering of the Wilshire subway and Regional Connector, but now the City Council is asking the Feds to front them big bucks so the transit agency can get started on building numerous rail projects, reports The Daily News. With Measure R, Metro is guaranteed billions in tax money, but it'll take awhile for it to all roll in. So now city officials have "filed a request with the federal government Tuesday to borrow money to speed up plans for the 'Subway to the Sea' and other transit projects planned under Measure R. The City Council asked that the proposed National Infrastructure Development Bank, to be created under legislation now pending in Congress, advance money" to Metro to speed up projects like the Crenshaw light-rail line, Expo to Santa Monica, and various other projects that were part of Measure R. Metro hopes to have numerous rail lines being built at once—Deputy Mayor Jaime de la Vega said, "There are 12 major projects that we believe will provide over 127,000 construction jobs and 2,800 permanent jobs minimum."
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