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Graft LA Is Just Fine, Thankyouverymuch

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[Photo of Emperor Hotel Construction via GraftLA flickr page]

Laying to rest a rumor that architecture firm Graft LA had shuttered, we checked in with partner Alejandra Lillo, who assures us that Graft LA is very much alive (although a recent round of layoffs may have precipitated the rumor). Lillo tells us the firm has recently completed a book on its work with the Make It Right Project in New Orleans, "Architecture in Times of Need". Their design has been selected by residents six times (who have a choice among several architects including LA-based firms Morphosis, Gehry Partners, Pugh + Scarpa, and Atelier Hitoshi Abe), and each home has been built to LEED platinum standards. With additional projects like the Aria at CityCenter pool deck, interior design for the W Hotel and residences in NY, and a high end residential development in Japan, we're looking forward to what the now somewhat-contracted firm is cooking up. Lillo emails: "I think Graft may just throw a big party and put all rumors to rest." Yes, booze should help everyone forget those rumors.
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