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Why Community Redevelopment Agency Head Estolano Resigned

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Today everyone finally learns why Cecilia Estolano, the former head of the Community Redevelopment Agency, the city group that partners with developers on housing projects, suddenly resigned last November. According to the Los Angeles Times, good old stubbornness brought down Estolano. Painting her as increasingly ornery about a proposed office move, the LA Times publishes Estolano's email exchanges with city staff, including Chief Deputy Mayor Jay Carson. Via the paper: "According to interviews and correspondence obtained by The Times, Estolano had conveyed a warning to the mayor that she would resign before moving her agency to a building on the western edge of downtown. 'The mayor may want to know that he will lose the CEO of his CRA/LA over this,' Estolano wrote [in an email to Carson]." The paper notes that "Villaraigosa's executive team was baffled by Estolano's defiance and asked for her resignation." In an interview, Estolano disputes the claim that she was pushed out. The Times story also considers other city officials that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has either pushed out or re-assigned in the last year.
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