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Edward Richard Lind-Designed House In Hollywood

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Hey, we love our mid-century modernism as much as the next guy. And god knows, we practically worship the ground Schindler walked on. But this 1939 single story stucco home, built by architect Edward Richard Lind, who worked for Schindler in the mid-1930's just leaves us cold. Maybe we need to see some interior pictures. In Gebhard and Winter's bible, the entry for this house simply says that this house demonstrates how Lind "creatively applied the lessons of the master."

We're seeing a whole lot of stucco and not a lot of Schindler's complex, interlocking volumes, or warm colors and materials. But who are we to argue with the bible? An enthusiastic reader emailed us to alert us to the listing: "I spoke with a gentleman who is doing some work there, and he said the house was listed for around $400,000. He mentioned that much of the original detailing is intact, and that there is no water damage (from the flat roof). It is a few blocks east of the sadly neglected Jardinette Apartments by Neutra." Indeed, the two-bedroom, two-bath is currently listed for $389,900 or $267 per square foot. Neighborhood comps are around $315 per square foot. The house last sold in March 2005 for $541,500.
· 822 N Alexandria Ave Los Angeles, CA 90029 [Redfin]