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Sherman Oaks Ralphs Updating, Urbanizing, and Adding Retail

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[Images via MyRalphsShermanOaks]

The Ralphs at Ventura and Hazeltine in Sherman Oaks is upgrading to the chain's fancier Fresh Fare status and getting a full makeover in the process. The current structure looks sort of like a series of yurts huddled in a parking lot, and its website calls it "one of the older, smaller footprint stores." LAist notes that "Instead of the ugly-fugly mini mall look, designs are now sporting no set back along Ventura Boulevard, giving the street a more urban and consistent feel with the rest of the area." The new building will include 4,000 square feet of additional retail. Parking is getting a total overhaul too--a single-level structure below the store will be accessible from Ventura and Hazeltine, and another level will be accessible from a brand new entrance on Moorpark, for a total parking count increase of 75%. The store will be closed eight to ten months for construction. And while both a Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council planning panel and the Chamber of Commerce have signed off, LAist reports "there are some rumblings among the community, mainly concerns about increased traffic."
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14049 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA