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Wait, Wha? CRA Now May Remain in Old Bank District

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Who knew an office move could get this complicated, or leave so much carnage in its wake? After the Los Angeles Times reported that Cecilia Estolano, the former head of the Community Redevelopment Agency was pushed out by the mayor (Estolano says she left of her own volition) following her refusal to get behind a cost-saving move that would have brought the CRA from the Old Bank District to City West, Blogdowntown now reports that a company called Standard Development has entered into an agreement to buy the Banco Popular building (the stately structure CRA currently calls home--pictured) and take care of all the remodeling and upgrades the organization has long wanted. Standard's Allen Gross makes the case that CRA should stay within the Historic Core of Downtown, and in more practical matters, staying put will save CRA rent money in the end. Additionally, Gross has launched a media campaign, emailing around a letter explaining why the CRA should stay (his proposal is after the jump). Here's an excerpt: “A CRA move from its historic downtown headquarters would leave the Banco Popular Building nearly vacant at a time of economic crisis in the downtown commercial real estate market.” Sources with Standard also point out that the CRA wouldn't be able to hold public meetings at their proposed new home at the Garland Building in City West, and that CRA staffers would no longer be able to access City Hall by foot or DASH bus. Blogdowntown says CRA is considering the offer, which if taken, would mean a bitter irony for Estolano.

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