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How Does Everyone Feel About the Jaguars or the Bills?

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The AP is reporting that Majestic Realty Co. managing partner John Semcken, the guy bringing that NFL stadium to Industry, says the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills are the first teams Majestic will try and convince to come enjoy our SoCal sun. Via the Associated Press: "Semcken says the Jaguars and the Bills are at the top of the list because they play in small markets that tamp down their earning potential and because they have little hope of finding larger venues in their home regions. Semcken says Majestic won't approach the San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers or Minnesota Vikings as long as they are seeking stadium plans of their own." Meanwhile, the Star-Tribune reports that both the Jaguars majority owner and the Bills owner Ralph Wilson "have steadfastly dismissed any suggestion they will sell or move their teams."
· LA stadium builder: Jaguars, Bills on top of list to relocate to SoCal [AP]