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Back to the Rose Bowl's Future

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The New York Times checked in on the planned Rose Bowl renovations last week and reported that Pasadena is prepping to apply for bonds on the $164 million project, which is scheduled to start construction in January 2011 and finish it four years later, in time for the one hundredth Rose Bowl game. The plans are pretty nostalgic: "The scoreboard at the south end of the stadium will be replaced by a 1940s replica, and at the north end, much of the signage will be stripped away and replaced by a high-definition video board. The bottom 10 rows, with notoriously poor views, will be ripped out along the sidelines and replaced by the hedges that once enveloped the field...And the concessions, which ring the building, will be reconfigured to be more efficient and redesigned to reflect the Craftsman-style of the neighborhood." [NYT]

Rose Bowl

1001 Rose Bowl Dr., Pasadena, CA 91103