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Drink Up at the Eagle Rock Brewery of Anaheim

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What was a heated discussion on the Northeast Los Angeles listserve has spilled over onto the blogs, with 90042 blog wondering why the owners of the new Eagle Rock Brewery, located at 3056 Roswell Street, chose that name because the brewery is actually in Glassell Park. The 90042 blog writes: "If they wanted to name it for a place, why not just Glassell Brewery? Or Northeast LA Brewery? Heck, being where it is, it could have passed as Atwater Brewery. Or how about Avenues Brewery?" (One commenter on 90042 suggests the name "Los Angeles Brewery of Anaheim.") And then it looks the actual owners of the Eagle Rock Brewery have responded...on their own blog. "I suppose that you can’t please everyone, but it saddens me to see how much displeasure the name of the brewery can bring to people. After all, aren’t we all in it for the greater good of making Los Angeles a beer destination? With all the talk about being proud about Glassell Park and making it a better community, it seems like such debate over the name just perpetuates the turf-wars that cause the problems that had given GP such a bad reputation in the first place. So don’t hate, can’t we just all get along and have a beer?" Well, at least the place is getting a ton of free publicity.
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