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Beams on Wilshire, Free Wine at Habitat 15, Silver Lake Foot Sign Spins Again

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MID-WILSHIRE: Remember the complaints about those two bald construction spots on Wilshire Blvd? Both Bob's Big Boy and Ehlers Cadillac were destroyed to build a BMW dealership service center and showroom, respectively, but the two sites have sat empty, with little or no construction. There's progress to report. The former Big Bob's spot is now sporting beams. And as of last weekend, big puddles. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Habitat 15, Predock Frane Architects' new project at 1322 Detroit just saw a price reduction, and now they're all ready to party. There's a food and cocktail reception from 4pm-7pm this Saturday, and we're told all are welcome. [Curbed InBox]

SILVER LAKE: When you tuck the kids into bed tonight, you can tell them the good news: The foot sign is spinning once again. Eastsider LA has the video evidence. The famous Sunset Boulevard sign broke down a few weeks ago. [Eastsider LA]