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Rowan Resident Convinced Eddie Vedder is a Neighbor

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Reader Sticky sends in the above photo, writing: "I recently learned that Eddie Vedder, who was lead singer for the group Pearl Jam, purchased a unit on a high floor here at the Rowan. Not sure when, but he's been living here a while. I haven't seen him but noticed his name while going through the intercom directory. When I saw the name Eddie Vedder, I asked building staff if our Eddie Vedder was THE Eddie Vedder and they confirmed yes it was. I've attached a pic of his name in the directory, but blurred out the code which dials his cellphone."

So what's going on? "I wish I could say Eddie Vedder purchased here, but no, he hasn't," writes Rowan Sales Manager Mitch Carricart in an email. "It might just be a filler/decoy name just to fill up the call box." And no, another dude named Eddie Vedder hasn't moved in.

But hold up. According to the sources at Wikipedia, in December 2009 Vedder became engaged to model Jill McCormick, a model "who divides her time between Los Angeles and Seattle." Perhaps this is her place? And more questions: Why would the sales staff tell Sticky Vedder had moved in? Has he moved in, and is the Rowan now covering for him? Maybe Sticky is actually Eddie Vedder?

We need that cellphone number.
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