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Mid-Century Home Holds Steady

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The Los Angeles Times Great Mapping Database names this neighborhood as "Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw," but we can't be any more specific than that. But we are digging the mid-century vibe of this 2,800 square foot home built in 1954 (at least, on the exterior). According to the listing, it's an REO, and the three-bedroom, three-bath, two story home has an open floor plan, a spacious living room, and a floating staircase that leads to the bedrooms upstairs. The house foreclosed in August for $590,750. The previous sales price was $550,000 in 2003. Today's asking price is $514,800 or $184 per square foot. Neighorhood comps are $195 per square foot. Listing is here.

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4420 Don Milagro Dr Los Angeles, CA 90008