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Probably Useless Petition Launched Against Hollywood Premieres

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An anonymous 17-year Hollywood resident has launched an ipetition to limit street and sidewalk closures on Hollywood Boulevard to 90 minutes (no signatures as of this afternoon). He/she takes a few jabs at the mediocre movies (When in Rome, et al) routinely given glitzy premieres on the Boulevard, and the inconvenience it causes workers and residents, especially those entering and exiting the Hollywood/Highland Red Line stop. "I commute to and from work on the subway, and can't even count how many times I have been forced to turn around, walk back to a crosswalk (if that wasn't blocked, too) cross the street, walk past the handful of 'fans' looking at nothing in particular, then wait for another light and cross back. That's under the best of conditions. On other occasions I have been forced to walk all the way around a three-block radius to get home." It is quite the bitch if you live or work around the Kodak, but aren't all those gawkers better than the ladies-for-hire and dealers that once populated this area? [Image via bizbash]
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