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Baby City Hall, Best Broad Museum Rumor Yet

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SOUTH LA: A baby city hall was born today on Central Avenue when Councilmember Jan Perry cut the ribbon on the Ninth District Neighborhood City Hall. The 9,000 square foot complex designed by Paul Murdoch Architects will serve as a constituent service center for the Ninth District. The space includes offices, a community center, and a green roof with native plants. The Neighborhood City Hall is part of greater redevelopment work being done on Central Avenue, including upcoming family housing and a Fresh & Easy at Adams and mixed-use senior housing at 33rd Street. [Curbed Staff]

BEVERLY HILLS: The InBox gets hit with a lot of crazy rumors, but this one may be the best. "Rumor has it that Eli Broad, one of LA's biggest advocates (and financiers) for urban education, was so turned off by a recent decision by Beverly Hills to kick out non-residents from its schools, that he is no longer considering the city as a place to house his museum." Hah! Prob not true, but fun to consider. [Curbed InBox]