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Competing Desert Trains Miss Out on Funding

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They might as well stop fighting. The Review-Journal is reporting that the proposed magnetic levitation train between Las Vegas and Southern California didn't get any federal funding. And, err, more embarrassing is that it seems like someone messed up the paperwork. "The denial of $83 million in coveted federal funds that might have been used to create work and advance a futuristic mode of travel for casino-bound tourists set off a round of finger pointing. Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons blamed President Barack Obama and Democratic Sen. Harry Reid, saying it was an example of the state's senior U.S. senator not using his clout to help Nevada.

A Reid spokesman said Gibbons has no place to look but "in the mirror," releasing a letter from the U.S. Department of Transportation that said the project had misapplied for funding, and was not considered." The Sun also covers the bickering, and reports that the maglev's nemesis, the DesertXpress, which goes from Vegas to Victorville, also didn't get funds because it is a privately funded project.
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