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Hard to Open a Doughnut Shop in Sleepy LA

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LA Times columnist Steve Lopez interviews new development czar Austin Beutner, painting him as a guy who thinks LA stands in its own way of economic growth. There are comparisons to how New York and Chicago do business (better than LA!) and a fairly depressing summary of LA: "He thinks City Hall stands oafishly in the way of economic growth, like some great gray sloth. It's a place where city employees meet with each other rather than the people they serve, shuffling a deck of oppressive regulations. It's impossible to open a doughnut shop in this town without submitting to endless rounds of bureaucratic torture, and yet big businesses like the billboard companies fork over enough campaign donations to call their own shots at City Hall." Meanwhile, former Daily News Ron Kaye recently appeared on NBC's "The Filter with Fred Roggin," talking about the city's march toward possible bankruptcy.
· L.A.'s red tape makes new job czar see red [LA Times]