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Colorful Cottage Flip in Mt. Washington

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Leaving aside the creepy hand sculpture in the garden (which actually reminds us more than anything of poor Buster in Arrested Development), this two bedroom, one-and-three-quarter bath looks like it has promise. Until you look at the previous sales history and realize it's an insane flip. According to the listing, the house features "tri-level decking, front shade garden with architectural fencing, [and] elegant deck fencing by master iron worker Brett Goldstone, CAC/FAU" There's also Viking appliances, "some streamline moderne interior elements, custom tile work and modern fixtures in baths," new landscaping and a skylight in the kitchen. The house was last sold in October for $180,000 (its previous sale was back in 1991 for $130,000). Today's asking price: $419,000 or $460 per square foot (comps are closer to $320 per square foot).
· 6151 Outlook Ave Los Angeles, CA 90042 [Redfin]

6151 Outlook Ave Los Angeles, CA 90042