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NoHo Glows, Modernism Week in Palm Springs

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NORTH HOLLYWOOD: It was a mixed reaction the last time public art was unveiled in North Hollywood, but don't let that stop you from meeting "Sentient Beings," by local artist Cliff Garten. Located at NoHo Commons in the NoHo Arts District, the "artwork consists of eight slender forms arranged in an intimate 15 foot circle, spaced just far enough apart from each other so that people can walk between them. The harmonious curves of the sculptures allude to the human body, but are three times the height of a person, with the tallest figure soaring to a magnificent 19 feet high." The new work comes courtesy of the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) [Curbed InBox]

PALM SPRINGS: A reader writes in: "Might want to provide a heads-up for the modernism show in the desert on the 2nd weekend of February." Indeed. Here's the official site for the Palm Springs event. [Curbed InBox]