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Dog Park Added to WeHo's Plummer Park Update

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Not that dogs need a reason to spazz out, but here's one: the long-planned Plummer Park improvements will now include an off-leash dog park. West Hollywood recently released a project Draft Environmental Impact Report that includes the pups in addition to previously-announced elements belonging to the Plummer Park Master Plan. The dog park will be 4,000-5,000 square feet and the permanent location isn't decided yet, but an interim dog zone will go behind the Great Hall/Long Hall. That building, which according to the WeHo News dates from the "WPA-era" (the park has been around since 1937), is on the chopping block to make room for more open space through the center of the park. The Fiesta Hall will be renovated and expanded and a new childcare center will be built. Outside, a pedestrian promenade at Lexington Avenue will stretch across the park, and an interactive water feature, a playground, and gardens will be added. The park will also get a new 179-space underground parking structure to replace one of its existing surface lots. Phase I will include Fiesta Hall, the childcare center, the Great Hall/Long Hall demo, and the parking structure, and is expected to kick off in June 2011. Those will be open during Phase II, which includes the promenade and outdoor amenities, and which is expected to wrap up in January 2013. Public comment on the DEIR will go through March.
· New Plummer Park Unveiled To Planning [WeHo News]

Plummer Park

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