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Expo Line's 24-Hour Construction Work Shut Down by Cops

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Accused of being over-budget, behind schedule, and racist, the poor Expo Line could use a day at the spa or a long weekend in Santa Barbara. The latest bad news: After complaints by residents, the LAPD has halted 24-hour construction on the downtown to Culver City line, reports the Los Angeles Times (" [police] investigator went to surrounding neighborhoods at 2 a.m. one evening and heard loud disruptions"). The Times says this could add more delays to Expo, which is supposed to open to Crenshaw later this year or 2011, and to Culver City in 2012 (reaching Santa Monica in 2015). Richard Thorpe, Expo Construction Authority CEO, said the yanking of the 24-hour permit could also lead to street closures during the day time, which will screw up traffic in South LA and Culver City. Thorpe and the LAPD are apparently working on a solution as we speak.
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