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Ball-Nogues Bringing a Whole Lot of Balls to Santa Monica

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[Image via Ball-Nogues Studio]

Last week the Santa Monica City Council officially signed off on a contract with LA design firm Ball-Nogues Studio for their giant desk toy to go up on the east wall of Parking Structure 7, one of the under-construction Pugh + Scarpa lots attached to the under-construction Santa Monica Place. We first saw the sculpture in 2008, but the final design (450 stainless steel balls!) was approved in November. Here's how Ball-Nogues' website describes it: "An aggregation of mirror polished stainless steel spheres, the sculpture operates structurally like an enormous Newton’s Cradle - the ubiquitous toy found on the desktops of corporate executives. Each ball is suspended by a cable from a point on the wall and locked in position by a combination of gravity and neighboring balls. As a whole, the balls imply an articulated surface suggestive of foam or sea life." A tile piece by Anne Marie Karlsen will go up on the west wall of Parking Structure 8 on the other side of the mall.
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