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City May Change Car Boot Rules to Raise Money

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Privatize the prisons, sell off the LA Zoo's animals, lease out the parking garage--do anything to fix the budget. Anything but shameful boot! Agh. The Daily News' Rick Orlov breaks the news that the city is eying the car boot as a revenue generator. "The city is quietly seeking a change in state law that would allow the Department of Transportation to put the Denver boot on cars that have three outstanding tickets instead of the five now required. City Council included the proposal in its legislative requests to Sacramento last week.

If the three-ticket threshold is adopted, it could mean an additional $61 million to the city - although some of that would be needed to hire extra staff to issue tickets and install the boot. Transportation officials said if the three-ticket minimum seems too low, they would push to have it reduced to four tickets. They estimate such a move would mean an extra $25 million to the city." Via Mariko Yamada
· L.A. may boot more cars to ease shortfall [Daily News]