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Transportation Deputy Gives Up Infamous Hummer

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Steve Lopez had a doozy of a column in yesterday's Los Angeles Times. Aside from taking a few jabs at the mayor (how's the queen of daytime?) and Councilman Richard Alarcon (does he even know what a squatter is?), Lopez pokes some fun at Jaime de la Vega, the city's transportation deputy. This is the guy who drove a Hummer to work every day: "Despite my frequent suggestions the last two years that the man in charge of transportation in a traffic-choked city whose mayor is trying to get us to go green shouldn't be driving a quasi-military gas hog, de la Vega defiantly stuck with the Hummer." He now apparently drives a sedan, carpools (really?), or rides the subway (cough, cough) to work. de la Vega still rolls in the Hummer during the weekends, though. [Image via streetsblog]
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