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SolarCity Ships off To Carson for Next Job

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The people behind Culver City-based solar company SolarCity always send in photos of their latest projects, and last week, they wrote in with news that they'd covered the roof of a manufacturer in Carson. Let's find out more: "In an unlikely go-green effort, one of the nation’s largest shipbuilding industry manufacturers has just installed a massive 225-kilowatt solar system on its facility, which is in a Carson industrial hub of shipping warehouses. The company manufactures marine electrical hardware, the sturdy steel fixtures which support ships’ electrical cables and such." The company is called Research Tool & Die, and they manufactures marine electrical hardware. More via SolarCity's email: "The company’s VP, Kevin Perrault, grandson of the founder and a vice president at the 57-year-old family-owned business, first had SolarCity put solar panels on his Rolling Hills Estate home—because he wanted to help the environment. He decided to put solar on his 52,000-sq foot business when he found out how much money he’d be saving it." We're not sure how much it'll eventually cost the company to install this (they signed a zero money down deal, but according to SolarCity, Tool & Die and will save $848 per month on their electricity bill.
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