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John Lautner's Carling House Available For Rent

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Listen up, wannabe Bond villains. The John Lautner-designed Carling House in the Hollywood Hills is for rent. Like the Elrod house in Palm Springs (also currently on the market), this house features a pool that flows between the living room and exterior spaces. In the Carling house, the hexagonal living room features a mechanical wall that swivels to open the interior onto the patio. According to the listing for this two bedroom, two bath house, it features a raised fireplace, built-in sofa, redwood planking, polished concrete floors and a carport for two cars. Lautner's signature fascination with complex machinery and form is also apparent in the living area, as it's "suspended from three steel masts at corners leaving the space open and free of columns." The house is available for a one-year lease but a short-term arrangement will also be considered. Monthly rent: $10,000.
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Carling House

7144 Hockey Trl., Los Angeles, CA