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Los Feliz's Good Luck Bar, Davidian Building Can Be Yours

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Oh, budding young developer, a real estate opportunity and plenty of free drinks await you. A reader points out Los Feliz's Davidian Building--home of the Good Luck Bar--at the dizzying intersection of Hollywood Blvd., Sunset Blvd., Virgil Ave, and Hillhurst Ave. is for sale. "There's a big FOR SALE banner in front, and what used to be awnings or mini roof-like outcroppings over the entrance of the check cashing place (and maybe the vacuum store, too) have been torn down." According to Loopnet, the owners are asking $3.75 million. The tenant break down notes that Good Luck Bar's lease expires in 2014, and the bar is currently paying $2,798.31 a month in rent. The Clear Channel billboard is paying $1,500 a month. It looks like it was previously on Loopnet in 2005.
· 4477 Hollywood Boulevard [Loopnet]