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Abramson Teiger on ABC, Grand Ave Mystery Talks

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LOS ANGELES: Culver City-based architecture firm Abramson Teiger's Sinnott Residence in Los Angeles is featured prominently on the ABC show "Modern Family." Check out the quick YouTube video here. And it looks like the house already has a stalker. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Monday's agenda to discuss the stalled Frank Gehry-designed Grand Ave project was posted today by the Grand Ave Authority, and as suspected, it looks like there's a plan to sell or lease part of the site, or an area near the proposed development. According to the agenda (download the PDF here), there's some closed-door negotiating going on in respect to the purchase, sale, exchange, or lease of land, and the negotiating parties are named as the development LLC, Grand Avenue L.A., as well as the Broad Foundations. Eli Broad has been a big backer of the project, but what exactly is the Foundations' role here and what will be discussed? Supervisor Gloria Molina's office declined to comment on the negotiations. But Blogdowntown is guessing Broad may plant his planned museum at the site. Are a bunch of Koons headed to Grand Ave? Meanwhile, across town, the Courier reports Beverly Hills is still hanging on for dear life for the museum. [Curbed Staff]